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Built-in web server python 3.x

December 11, 2017 Leave a comment

python -m http.server [portNo]

Built-in web server python 2.7

October 18, 2017 Leave a comment

The next command helps you to create a simple http server to test anything fast, or use that location and their resources with a different port.
Just navigate in the command line to the location and type the next:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer [port]
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Fixing: Error: Couldn’t find preset “latest” relative to directory

July 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Add the babel-preset-latest to the node_modules of the project directory with –save-dev option, in example:
npm install –save-dev babel-preset-latest

PD. This issue came up when configuring webpack on a project recently created from scratch, and configured the babel-loader with the latest as preset.

Command npm to check for installed packages

July 22, 2017 Leave a comment

npm list -g –depth=0

April 26, 2017 Leave a comment

Create a synonym in oracle database.
create or replace synonym my_schema_granted.my_db_object_synonym for schema_that_grants.db_object;

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To create a new array or fill it? Java Array Performance

October 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Recently I needed to empty an array to use it later, and asked myself, what is the better option, to create a new one or fill it?
Maybe you have known this long ago, I didn’t. But now, we both know!

int freq[] = new int[256];
//This is better:
                freq = new int[256];
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Read Java input

October 10, 2016 Leave a comment

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner in = new Scanner(;
        int n = in.nextInt();
        int[] a = new int[n];
        for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
            a[i] = in.nextInt();
        // all ints from 0 to N should be insie array a
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