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053. Maximum Subarray #leetcode #java #python3 #javascript #ruby #golang #scala #easy

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Built-in web server python 3.x

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python -m http.server [portNo]

re-clone git

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GIT=$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)
cd $GIT/..
rm -rf $GIT
git clone ...

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Built-in web server python 2.7

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The next command helps you to create a simple http server to test anything fast, or use that location and their resources with a different port.
Just navigate in the command line to the location and type the next:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer [port]
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Fixing: Error: Couldn’t find preset “latest” relative to directory

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Add the babel-preset-latest to the node_modules of the project directory with –save-dev option, in example:
npm install –save-dev babel-preset-latest

PD. This issue came up when configuring webpack on a project recently created from scratch, and configured the babel-loader with the latest as preset.

Command npm to check for installed packages

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npm list -g –depth=0

CodeFights MZbot AllianceVsMonster – Ruby

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def allianceVersusMonster hp, ad
    mHp = hp[0]
    mAd = ad[0]
    turns = []
    size = hp.size - 1
    ( do |x|
        turns <= mAd && cHp >= mHp
        timesToDie = ( mHp / cAd.to_f).ceil
        timesIDie = ( cHp / mAd.to_f).ceil
        return size if timesIDie >= timesToDie
        mHp -= (timesIDie - 1) * cAd 
        w[1] = cHp % mAd + 1
    #fight until dead
    turns.each do |w|
        cAd, cHp = w
        return size if cAd >= mAd && cHp >= mHp       
        while cHp > 0 && mHp > 0
            mHp -= cAd
            return size if mHp <= 0
            cHp -= mAd
        size -= 1